Apparel is made to express yourself without limits and taboos. The great thing about tees is that you can print what you love on it.  We love this freedom of expression. Wearing a Sweet and Rebel apparel will say something about who you truly are…

Be sweet, be rebel, be you, be proud, be maverick and do what you love is our philosophy.

Our apparel is made of organic cotton with all certification and it’s printed in the Netherlands. We also love 2 words; Transparency and Ethics at its ultimate point. So listen, this is our true transparency and ethics at Sweet and Rebel.

We buy organic cotton garments from a single supplier that made them in Bangladesh. This supplier got all kind of certification (see below) We would have loved to tell you how much the cotton farmer gets at the end and what are our supplier’s workers incomes but transparency is not everywhere… What we can say is what we, at Sweet and Rebel, get when we sell a t-T-Shirt to you!

When we print a T-Shirt, our cost price is around 16 euros (ex VAT) price of one t-shirt is around 5 euros, the printing in The Netherlands costs us 10 euros/piece. Waow! yes, we know, it’s a lot… why do we do it that stupid way? because:

– we don’t want to make unsold stock
– we don’t want to make discount and then get rid of the old stock and join the devastating fast-fashion industry
– we only sale what it’s ordered y basta!

We retail a Tee around 29 euros (ex VAT), guess what we really make on 1 Tee!

Be happy, wear them with pride when you want, combine them with what you like, keep them for long.

Our clothes are mainly distributed via the website.

You may be sweet, rebel or both, whoever you are, we love you as soon as you are a true maverick!


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How do we take care of  your order?

When you place an order via the webshop, it goes directly to our printing partner. The order is printed out and sent directly to you with a fast track courier The whole process can take up to 5/7 working days depending where we have to ship it.

About our organic cotton supplier?

We buy our apparel from a supplier committed to genuine sustainability right through its supply chain. Its apparel affiliation with Fairwear Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as its high standard certifications (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH) prove its commitment to sustainable practices. From fibre sourcing to distribution of the finished product, our supplier scrutinise every process for sustainability.

Thanks  to trust and love our apparel.